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Born: 09/25/14

We have two beautiful bottle raised F1 male's available. They have jet black markings on a pale background. They have amazing wild type. They crave attention and purr non stop. They love to play and interact.




F1-Chandler-Brown Rosetted Male



F1-Spirit-Brown Rosetted Male




Born: 10/14/14

We have one amazing brown rosetted male available. He is super clear coated with wonderful large open rosettes on a light contrasted background. He has large expressive eyes and a super sweet personality.




Trey-Brown Rosetted Male


Born: 04/09/14

We have a beautiful, very sweet female available. She has a wonderful large rosetted pattern on a pale backgroudn color. Her head and profile are very nice. She loves to interact and play. She is ready for her new home.




Destiny-Brown Rosetted Female


Born: 04/20/14

We have one beautiful brown rosetted male available. He has large bold jet black rosettes on a pale background. He is ready for his new home. He is large boned and solid. He is playful and sweet.


Jem-Brown Rosetted Male






































Jill Orman




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